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Innovative Ways To Sustain Natural Renewable Energy

Tomorrow’s energy supply must meet the challenges of sustainable production and stable delivery today. GreenGridLabs innovative solutions point the way to a strong and environmentally friendly future. 

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About Us

The Vision of a stable, renewable energy grid drives us.

Renewable energies need a flexible power grid and a solid infrastructure. Tomorrow’s grid is smart. It adapts to demand and producer profiles. With solutions from GreenGridLabs.

Our goal is to change the modern power grids and create sustainable and stable energy solutions for future generations.

Jörg Heberlein– Co-Founder of GreenGridLabs

The Future starts now

We Are Ready For Clean Energy. All We Need Is To Sustain It Well

A half-finished concept is of no use. The subsidization of renewable energies alone automatically leads to the challenge of implementation in today’s electricity grids. Our solutions ensure to establish the grid of tomorrow.

Powerful Strategy

A grid that serves everyone reliably, without blackouts, from green energy, sustainable and robust, smart and efficient. We are making this vision a reality.

All Hands on Deck

Integration must happen now. Not in years or decades. We are already integrating today and thus securing the future of tomorrow's green energy.

Value Creation

Everyone can participate, everyone can benefit. With our solutions, you can contribute to the stabilization of power grids and thus create value for yourself and the society.

Integrated Solutions

Generation, transport and consumption should be in harmony. Our solutions cover all areas and serve long-term solutions to current grid problems.

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Power Generation

Power Generation

Did you know:
The sun produces enough energy to easily meet the earth's total demand. The challenge is to make stable use of it.

Grid Balancing

Grid Balancing

Each consumer can become a valuable asset to the overall power grid. With our solutions, we integrate almost all areas and thus create great potential for a stable network.

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Smart Networks

Smart Networks

A smart grid needs a brain for processing the load of information, generated by countless devices in the network. Our solutions provide highly efficient and mobile data infrastructure.

Integration of every Potential

A strong partnership network

A stable power grid requires the cooperation of all participants. Our approach is therefore holistic and promotes the increase of renewable generation shares in the network. The networking of consumers and generators therefore creates the unique opportunity to intercept bottlenecks and surpluses in real time and thus protect the power grid from overloads.

Intelligent home networks

Smart use of resources stabilizes power grids while reducing your energy costs.

We create the interface

We bring consumers and producers together in a new way. An intelligent partnership. To the benefit of all.

Integrative Process

Every Step play its Part in the Game

Long-term stability requires the integration of all capacities and resources of an energy grid. Our solutions create the necessary requirements.


Power Generation

Renewable energy sources deliver power unevenly. This is fed into the grid and must be drawn there.


Grid Monitoring

The power grids are closely monitored and imbalances are detected as early as possible.


Smart Grid Reaction

In case of imbalance, the smart network automatically adjusts the load and prevents blackouts.


Stable Green Grid

Automation and balancing capacities ensure a sustainable and stable power grid.

Our Projects

what we are working on

We are working on the implementation of our smart grid solutions in several European countries. Here is an extraction from our current projects:

Solar Park Integration

Solar Park Integration

We integrate a large solar farm into the smart grid and develop scenarios for different grid situations.

Integration of mobile Computing Power

Integration of mobile Computing Power

We are expanding our computing power and readiness capacity in Sweden, Norway, Spain and Denmark.

ventilation systems

ventilation systems

Ventilation systems can not only pump fresh air into garages, tunnels and basements. We integrate ventilation systems, making them a pillar of power grid stability.

Power Walls

Power Walls

The electric car is considered the means of transportation of the future. Without stable power grids, this vision is on the brink of extinction. We integrate these consumers into our smart network, turning them into supporters of grid stability.

Our Vision

A Worldwide, Smart Production and Balancing Network

We are only at the beginning. The vision of a flexible, smart grid as a network for renewable energies leads us into a clean and sustainable future.

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What They Say About Us

I believe that the future of power grids depends enormously on solutions that GreenGridLabs has already identified and is implementing efficiently.

    David Riemersma
    David Riemersma


    GreenGridLabs impresses with its vision and innovation in the implementation of your projects. I am sure we will hear a lot more from them.

      Alexander Hübner
      Alexander Hübner


      I am convinced that the solutions of GreenGridLabs are substantially needed for the preservation of tomorrow's power grids.

        Marc Gazivoda
        Marc Gazivoda


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